Telkom Indonesia Jobs: On Air Promotion

Telkom Indonesia LogoTelkom Group is the only state-owned telecommunications enterprise as well as telecommunications and network service providers in Indonesia. Telkom Group serves millions of customers throughout Indonesia with a complete range of telecommunications services that includes fixed wireline and fixed wireless connections, mobile communications, networking and interconnection services and Internet and data communication services. Telkom Group also provides various services in the field of information, media and edutainment, including cloud-based and server-based managed services, e-Payment services and IT enabler, e-Commerce and other portal services.
We have a dream of realizing a Digital Society, and we are fully aware that the key to realizing a digital society is the development of infrastructure in order to provide highquality connectivity service. Telkom is building infrastructure comprehensively, which includes three components, namely id-Access, id-Ring and id-Con, also known as Indonesia Digital Network (“IDN”).
id-Access infrastructure is a fiber to the home-based network and we currently have approximately 10 million homes-passed fiber. id-Access is an important infrastructure, which starting in early 2015, Telkom focused on developing a new product, IndiHome Triple Play, consisting of home phone service, High Speed Internet, and IPTV services. By the end of 2015, the IndiHome subscribers reached 1 million.
Telkom also developed the id-Ring infrastructure, which is a fiber network (fiber optic cables) that connects the islands of Indonesia from Aceh to Papua. In the fourth quarter of 2015, Telkom has completed a fiber network that connects Sulawesi, Maluku, Papua Cable System (“SMPCS”) which gives a very positive impact on equity of high-quality communication access, especially in the eastern region of Indonesia. Currently, Telkom has over 80,000 kilometers of fiber network in id-Ring.
Meanwhile, id-Con is a strategic initiative that focuses on providing a service platform Telecommunication, Information, Media and Edutainment and Services (“TIMES”) that converges cloud-based services built on Data Center facilities. By the end of 2015, Telkom’s Group has Data Center an area of 74,000 m2.
Telkom believes that what we are trying today is the right step to continue to be a leader in the industry. We mobilize all of our resources to actualized the predicate “The King of Digital”.
As Indonesia flagged entity makes us fully confident to move forward with the nation realize the digital society in the beloved country and become part of a global repertoire. Telkom Group's presence in all compass directions of the world and infrastructure support that makes everything connected to ensure the best touch presence in color every corner of the nation. We understand all that can only be realized with the support of the best talents.
Telkom Group invites the nation's best talent in the digital industry to join together to realize Telkom as King of Digital in The Region, the king of telecommunication and digital services in the air, land, and sea. Telkom continues to digitize the entire process, innovating to provide the best customer experience and implement lean and agile organizational transformation to achieve competitive advantage and reliable digital capabilities.

On Air Promotion (Contract)

  • Placement Area: Jabodetabek
  • Employment Type: Temporary

Job Description

  • Conduct execution strategy on air promotion of the program / content includes cross promotion, social media, sponsored post, and measure the level of it's effectiveness.


  • Minimum Bachelor's degree in any major
  • Have working experience minimum 5 years in managing & developing on air service in Top 3 PayTV operators
  • Preferably has an insight in the field of sports and art
  • Have strategic thinking capability and able to read TV industry trend
Those who are interested please apply to link below no later than April 30, 2018.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further processing.