Kereta Commuter Indonesia Jobs: Staff Multimedia

Kereta Commuter Indonesia LogoPT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek (PT KCJ) since September 19, 2017 has been renamed as PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia (KCI) is a subsidiary established by KAI based on Deed No. 457 dated September 15th, 2008 by Notary Ilmiawan Dekrit, S.H. in Jakarta. The latest amendment was stated in Deed No. 08 dated August 28th, 2013, by Notary Raden Ayu Poppy Darmawan, S.H. in Jakarta. Shareholders of PT KCI are KAI holding 99.78% and Yayasan Pusaka holding 0.22%. The establishment of this subsidiary was inspired by stakeholders desire to be more focused on delivering quality railway services and being part of solution to urban transportation problems which are increasingly complicated.
Having become a separate limited liability company, PT KCI obtained its business license No. KP 51 of 2009 and operating license as a railway facilities organizer No. KP 53 of 2009 which were all issued by Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia. The main task of PT KCI is organizing commuter railway services by using KRL in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang (Serpong) and Bekasi (Jabodetabek) and non-passenger transportation business.
The Company's objective is to perform transportation business, particularly in railways by providing goods and/or services of high quality and strong competitiveness in the Jabodetabek area, which includes passenger transportation and non- passenger transportation businesses by applying the principles of a limited liability company.
Number of human resources (HR) of PT KCI As of December 31st, 2015, was 3,028 people consisting of 3 Board of Commissioners, 4 members of the Board of Directors, 14 GM, 53 managers, 157 Junior Supervisors / Assistant Managers, 2,302 staff members and 495 train crews. As part of the training program and employee competency development, in 2015, PT KCI had sent 14 employees to study visits to China and France.
PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia urgently needed new employee candidate for the positions as follow:

Staf Multimedia

Specific Qualifications

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design (prefered), Multimedia Technology or Multimedia Design
  • Graduated from university with accreditation grade A
  • Minimum GPA 2.95
  • Please attach your original work / portofolio in application

General Qualifications 

  • Male
  • Maximum 25 years old
  • Have proportional / ideal weight
  • Skilled
  • Honest
  • A hard worker
  • Have high integrity
  • Have high initiative in working
  • Willing to be placed anywhere in PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia operational area
  • Application email subject: Multimedia
  • Closing date: March 28, 2018

Required Documents for Application

  • Original work / portofolio
  • Application letter
  • Complete Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Recent photograph
  • Legalized copy of education diploma and academic transcript
  • BAN-PT study program accreditation certificate
  • Police Certificate (SKCK)
  • Health Certificate (stated not color blind, height and weight)
  • Maximum email attachment size 5 MB

Other Provisions

  • The recruitment process is free of charge and Recruitment Committee not serve any correspondence
  • Please bring along your original education diploma and transcript at the time of interview
Those who are interested please send required documents above to: hrd[at] with email subject: Multimedia.