Samsung R&D Institute Indonesia Jobs: Samsung Global Software Engineer | Data Analyst

Samsung R&D LogoSamsung R&D Institute Indonesia (SRIN) is operating under the umbrella of PT Samsung Electronic Indonesia with a new line of Business. SRIN, which stands for Samsung R&D Institute Indonesia, focuses on building content and service ecosystem for Samsung Smart Devices. Its service is divided into four categories; Content and Service Store, Partnership Management, Mobile platform, and service platform.

Samsung Global Software Engineer


  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, Software Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Math, Physics, from Reputable Universities.
  • Experiences in Java or C / C++ programming languages
  • Experiences on software construction and unit test
  • Strong understanding on mobile and web technologies.
  • Strong understanding logic, algorithm and data structure concepts

Data Analyst


  • Perform data exploration, predictive models, and computations on complex project.
  • Work closely with architect (DA) and engineer (DE) to deliver specific data computations.
  • Design, gather and manage large datasets from multiple sources.
  • Transform data into a usable state using appropriate analytic tools and techniques.
  • Write codes for data mining, machine learning, information retrieval, recognition, etc.
  • Build data visualization packages based on initial prototypes.
  • Conduct internal code tests (static analysis, correctness, performance and profiling tests).
  • Provide detail documentation for algorithms and data visualization package.
  • Utilize version control and lifecycle tools to manage codes and tasks in project.
  • Actively contribute in backlog ideation and consistently improve core competency.


  • Bachelor or Master degree in Computer Science, Information System, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Mathematic, Statistics, Physics and Electrical Engineering from Reputable Universities.
  • 3 years experiences in statistic, numeric or scientific computing.
  • 3 years experiences on R, Matlab, SAS, Java, C++, or Python programming.
  • 3 years experiences on data analytic technologies, frameworks and tools.
  • Strong understanding on machine learning, data mining and information retrieval.
  • Proven Experiences on data analysis / programming / visualization.
  • Strong mathematical background with emphasis in statistics.
  • Specialized on numerical, statistics or scientific computation.
  • Demonstrated expertises on design and implement data analytic / computation algorithms.
  • Excellent understanding on big data computation model and analytical algorithms.
  • Experienced shipping machine learning or predictive analytics models at massive scale.
  • Strong understanding on unstructured data modeling, analytic and computation.
  • Excellent communication abilities in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
Should you are interested to apply, kindly email your latest CV to: