Honda Prospect Motor Jobs: Organization Development Staff | Legal Staff | Purchasing Staff

Honda Prospect MotorPT Honda Prospect Motor is a Sole Agent Trademark Holder (ATPM) as well as the center of the Honda automobile assembly and its components in Indonesia. Headquartered in Jl. Gaya Motor I (Sunter II) North Jakarta, and a factory in Jl. Mitra Utara II Mitrakarawang Industrial Estate, West Java.
PT Honda Prospect Motor become one of the companies that considerable influence on the Indonesia automotive industry.

Angkasa Pura Supports Jobs: Technician | X-Ray Technician

Angkasa Pura SupportsPT. Angkasa Pura Suport, known with the brand of Angkasa Pura Supports, is one among four subsidiary companies of Angkasa Pura Airports.  Establishing the subsidiary companies is one of strategic corporate action taken by Angkasa Pura Airports to achieve its vision as a World Class Company managing the World Class Airports in eastern region of Indonesia.

Infomedia Solusi Humanika Jobs: Customer Service Representative Telkomsel

Infomedia Solusi Humanika LogoPT Infomedia Solusi Humanika (ISH) by Telkom Infomedia is the first Telkom Group company engaged in information and communication services provider in Indonesia. Our company continues to innovate in business and cooperate with some leading companies in Indonesia.
In the business development, currently we need candidates who are interested to join and participate in the process, currently we are looking for candidates for position of:

Customer Service Representative (CSR) Telkomsel - Area Bontang

Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia Jobs: Parts Planning Control | Parts Planning and Operation

Komatsu LogoPT Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia (KUI), established in November 9th 2000, is the first component plant that Komatsu established outside Japan. As a result of merger with Komatsu Forging Indonesia (KOFI) effective as of January 1, 2012.  Current shareholders are consist of Hokuriku Kogyo Co. Ltd, Neturen Co. Ltd, Nagatsu Industries Ltd, Komatsu Indonesia and Yayasan Komatsu Indonesia Peduli. The aim is to build the foundation for Komatsu genuine undercarriage parts supply structure in markets worldwide where Komatsu equipment are in operation.

Gudang Garam Jobs: Brand Executive | IT Security Coordinator

Gudang Garam LogoGudang Garam cigarette company is one of the leading companies within the cigarette industry in Indonesia that has been established since 1958 in the town of Kediri, East Java. Until now, Gudang Garam has widely known both domestically and abroad as a producer of high quality kretek clove cigarettes. Gudang Garam products can be found in many varieties, ranging from SKL (sigaret kretek klobot or corn husk-wrapped clove cigarettes), SKT (sigaret kretek linting tangan or hand-rolled clove cigarettes, up to SKM (sigaret kretek linting mesin or machine-rolled clove cigarettes). For the true clove cigarettes lovers, we are committed to provide an outstanding experience in enjoying kretek clove cigarettes made from high-quality materials.

Frisian Flag Indonesia Jobs: Supervisors

Frisian Flag Indonesia JobsIndonesian children reach their highest potential, through appropriate nutritional products. It all began when “Friesche Vlag” milk brand imported from Cooperative Condensfabriek Friesland – now Royal FrieslandCampina, in 1922. FrieslandCampina is the world’s largest dairy cooperative based in the Netherlands with 19.487 farmer-members across 3 countries and over 19.946 employees present in over 100 markets around the world. As part of FrieslandCampina, Frisian Flag draws on its global experience as well as long-term partnership with local dairy farmers in order to deliver the best nutrients obtained from milk.