Pos Indonesia Jobs: Auditor Internal Audit Unit | Analyst | Manager UPT Type E

Pos Indonesia JobsPT Pos Indonesia (Persero) is a State-owned enterprises (SOE) engaged in the courier services, logistics, and financial transactions. The name of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) is officially used in 1995, having previously used the name dinas PTT (Posts Telegraaf end Telefoon Diensts) in 1906; then turn into Djawatan PTT (Postal Telegraph and Telephone) in 1945; then changed status to Posts and Telecommunications State Corporation (PN Postel) in 1961; and became a PN Post & Giro in 1965, and later became Post and Giro Public Corporation in 1978.
There are three ways of transformation which PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) undergo, namely: forming a holding company, revitalizing core business, and developing some new business. The transformation of the company is in line with the research and studies of international consultant such as Booz & Co and Ernst & Young which showed potential business of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) is still wide open. The study of Management Research Center UI has ever mention PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) has great potential in three core business, namely, business letters and parcel / packages business, logistics, and financial services business.
In 2014 the management of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) continues its transformation program that has been previously declared. PT Pos Indonesia (Persero)’s business focus is no longer solely in the business of mail, packages and financial services, but also optimize the sources of new business, such as logistics, property, and insurance. To make it more focused and energetic in the midst of an increasingly tight competition, PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) formed a holding company that has several subsidiaries, among others, namely PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Logistics, PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Property, and PT Bhakti Wasantara Net. In addition the company also continues to develop and prepare new business in the field of financial services, business lines of retail, city courier, e-commerce, air cargo,and insurance.
While it can be said that PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) still remains as one of the service companies with the largest distribution network in Indonesia. The number of post offices more than 3,700 within its 24,000 offices points of service and has been covering 100 percent of the city and Regency in Indonesia and has been reaching out to almost the entire town in the country. PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) was also supported by a fleet of mobile service as much as 1.833 units, 10.523 trucks and cars, 19.392 employees, 3.700 online post offices, as well as 28.899 Post Agent.

Auditor Internal Audit Unit

Specific Requirements

  • Possess Bachelor's degree majoring in Accounting, Information Technology, Law, Management, Sharia Business, with education department accreditation grade A
  • Preferably experienced as an Auditor
  • Maximum 27 years old by June 1st, 2018


Specific Requirements

  • Possess Bachelor's degree majoring in Mathematics or Statistics, with education department accreditation grade A
  • Maximum 27 years old by June 1st, 2018

Manager UPT Type E

Specific Requirements

  • Minimum possess Associate's degree (Diploma 3) majoring in Accounting, Architecture, International Business, Graphic Design, Visual Communication Design, Economics, Sharia Economics, Informatics Management, Informatics Engineering, Communications, Occupational Health and Safety, Finance, Logistics, Management, Taxation, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Transportation, with education department accreditation grade A
  • Preferably have work experience
  • Maximum 25 years old by June 1st, 2018

General Requirements

  • Indonesian citizen (WNI) as evidenced by national identity card (KTP)
  • Minimum GPA 3.00 of 4.00 scale
  • Not have a status as permanent employee of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero)
  • Have minimum TOEFL score 450 points
  • Willing to be placed in any PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) work unit all over Indonesia, stated by a Statement Letter (the form attached below)
  • Willing to be disqualified / discharged if proven submitted false information in this recruitment process, stated by a Statement Letter (the form attached below)
  • For not married applicants willing not marry during the Management Trainee Program, stated by a Statement Letter (the form attached below)
  • For female applicants, currently not in a pregnancy condition and willing to not pregnant during the Trainee Management Program , stated by a Statement Letter (the form attached below)
  • Free from drugs and psychotropics abuse, and is not in the process of investigating with the authorities due to criminal acts or using illegal drugs, proven by Police Note Certificate (SKCK) and Drugs Free Certificate from the Police
  • Physically and spiritually fit, proven by Health Certificate
  • Passed in PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) recruitment process includes:
    • Administrative Screening
    • Academic Potential Test (TPA)
    • TPA Second Test
    • Psychological Test
    • Interview and Medical Check-Up

Application Procedure

  • Fill out an e-recruitment form at link below
  • An applicant only allowed to apply 1 time for 1 position
  • Submit application letter and required application files through Pos Express or Kilat Khusus to: PO BOX 161 Bandung 40111 no later than July 14, 2018 (postmark), includes:
    • Photocopy of valid identity card that used when applying online
    • Photocopy of Bachelor's / Associate's degree diploma
    • Photocopy of Bachelor's / Associate's degree transcript
    • Photocopy TOEFL certificate
    • Photocopy of Police Note Certificate (SKCK)
    • Photocopy of Drug Free Certificate
    • Photocopy of Health Certificate
    • Statement Letter, signed on on stamp-duty (copy) the form can be downloaded below
  • Able and have to show original diploma and transcript at the time of Interview Session
  • Bring and submit the original application letter in Bahasa Indonesia and required documents as listed above at the time of Interview Session
  • Only shortlisted qualified applicants will be contacted for further processing
  • The recruitment committee decision is final and can not to be contested
  • Data already entered can not to be changed
Those who are interested please apply to link below.