Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (INALUM) Jobs: Student Internship Program

Logo INALUMOn January 6, 1976, PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (INALUM), a joint venture company between the Government of Indonesia and Nippon Asahan Aluminium Co., Ltd. was established in Jakarta. INALUM is to construct and operate the Asahan Project, in accordance with Master Agreement.
INALUM can be recorded as a pioneer and the first company in Indonesia dealing with an aluminium smelting industry with a huge investment of 411 billion Yen.
In practice, the conversion of INALUM's status from foreign investment company to state-owned enterprise happened on November 1st, 2013, as agreed in Master Agreement. Termination of contract between Indonesian government and Japanese corporation consortia took place on December 9th 2013, and by law INALUM officially declared as state-owned enterprise on December 19th 2013 after Indonesian government took over INALUM's remaining shares that previously owned by the consortia. INALUM was becoming the 141st state-owned enterprise in Indonesia on April 21st, in line with government regulations No.26, 2014.
PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero) produced aluminium ingot, 22.7 kgs each.
PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero) produced 2 (two) kinds of ingot quality, 99.90% and 99,70%. Primary Aluminium Ingot of PT INALUM (Persero) is registered under London Metal Exchange (LME), on September 23, 1987.
The quality standard of Aluminium ingot of PT INALUM (Persero) is refered to JIS H2-102, 1968 (Reaffirmed 1974) and Western, Aluminium Assosiation Designation and Chemical composition Limits for Unalloyed Aluminium of Aluminium Assosiation Inc., USA.
Started from 2017, INALUM produced 2 (two) kinds of diversification product consist of Aluminium Billet type 6061, 6063 and Foundry Alloy type A356.2.
On November 27, 2017, INALUM was officially appointed to lead the Holding Company for Mining Industry in charge of PT Antam Tbk, PT Bukit Asam Tbk and PT Timah Tbk.

Program Magang Mahasiswa

Terms and Conditions

  • This program is an Internship Program to provide work experience and is not an employee recruitment program
  • The Internship Program is conducted for 3 (three) months duration, starting from 19 July 2021
  • Prospective Participants are required to complete the entire registration process and submit data, information including:
    • Scanned the latest academic transcript (KHS)
    • Official application letter from the university correctly
    • Scan of Identity Card (KTP) and Student Card (KTM)
    • Passport size photograph
    • Self-introduction video and motivation to join the internship program (maximum duration 1 minute in .mp4 format)
  • If the Internship Committee finds out that there is fraud or the submitted information is incorrect, the Internship Committe has the right to blacklist the relevant Participant candidate and the Participant candidate cannot continue the next membership selection process
  • Selection is carried out in 2 (two) stages, namely Administrative Screening and Interview
  • The Administrative Screening is carried out by the Internship Committee by taking into account matters such as GPA, the suitability of the education background with the scope of work, the needs of the Interns and the motivation of the applicant
  • The Interview is carried out after the Administrative Screening, in the form of face-to-face or virtual interview. The Interview is carried out by the Internship Committee and placement section representative
  • Status as a Prospective Participant does not guarantee participation status in the company's Internship Program. The final decision in determining internship participants rests with the Internship Committee
  • The disabled participant is adjusted to the work environment condition in placement section
  • The Internship Committee may cancel the Participant's participation status if the Participant is proven to have committed any of the following:
    • Immoral act
    • Physical fight
    • Criminal acts including but not limited to stealing
    • Consuming and / or engaging in narcotics and drug trafficking activities
    • Intentionally or unintentionally commit act that physically injure other people and / or result in significant financial losses to the Company
    • Violate company regulations
    • Violated the Internship Agreement
    • Does not come to work in the placement section without notice for 3 (three) days
    • Performance based on the observation of the Internship Committee is considered to be below the expected quality of work

Education Background

The following is a list of majors that can take part in the INALUM Student Internship Program for this period:

Udergraduate Student (S1)

  • Accounting
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Communications
  • Social Welfare
  • Occupational Health and Safety (K3)
  • Business Management
  • Financial Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electricity Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering

Diploma 3 Student (D3)

  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety (K3)
  • Tourism
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
Should you are interested with the position and meet the qualifications required please apply to link below.
Closing date: June 18th, 2021.
Only the best shortlisted candidates will be contacted and this recruitment is free of charge.
PS: Translated from Indonesian.



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