Bank Mandiri Jobs: Team Leader Banking Research Strategy and Financial Analyst

Logo BUMNBank Mandiri LogoBank Mandiri as a friend of the nation represents a concept of services offered by the largest bank in Indonesia; with products and services in hand, the Bank is capable of inspiring, working and growing together as well as providing support to the whole society.
Adhering to the principles of good corporate governance, during the year 2015 Bank Mandiri did not only manage to carry out its business plan, make progress and record business growth, but it also made significant contributions to improving the welfare of the society. Bank Mandiri is committed to consistently be a friend of the nation by undertaking work in national development to achieve the future goal of bringing on a better Indonesia.
It is our aspiration to be able to give the best to all the stakeholders through economic prosperity, social welfare and nature conservation so that we can continue to contribute to achieving a sustainable Indonesia.
The key to our success is our people & culture through innovation and teamwork. At Mandiri we have the prosperous spirit through innovation & teamwork.
We are a bank with dream & strive to be the pride of Indonesia. Lead as the best bank in ASEAN region by 2020. Thus we are looking for the best people with the strive to be the best and those people might be you.
We're sure that your presence in Bank Mandiri will give you an interesting chance to develop your career aspiration as a professional banker in Indonesia and being a part of the most admired and progressive financial institution.

Team Leader Banking Research - Strategy & Financial Analyst - South Jakarta

Job Description

We are looking for a Team Leader Banking Research for a position in Strategy & Financial Analysis Department. The candidate should have experience in conducting research or study on banking or finance industry, and / or analysis of company strategy both financially and managerial. Study and analysis will be used to formulate Bank Mandiri’s Strategy, as a basis for senior management to formulate short and long term business strategies, decide corporate actions, or communicate to stakeholders and shareholders. You will work as part of a team and connect with many stakeholders therefore communication and collaboration abilities are crucial. Furthermore, we are looking also for self driven individual to promote idea generation. The preferred candidate must have good understanding of banking industry, posses strong analytical skill, detail-oriented, effective time management, as well as an honed communication skills.
  • Develop Bank Mandiri business and financial strategy formulation and analysis as part of Bank Mandiri's short-term strategic plan (RKAP), medium term (Bank Business Plan / RBB) and long-term (Long Term Plan / RJP) plan and ensure strategies in each Strategic Business Unit in line with Bank Mandiri's strategic direction.
  • Analyze various financial and business aspects of a strategic nature and its implications for Bank Mandiri's performance, either routine or ad-hoc analysis in accordance with senior management's request.
  • Conducting banking and financial industry research with a communicative and systematic structure using reliable data sources so that the results can be accounted for and used by management for strategic decision making.
  • Perform data crunch and data analysis, prepare both spreadsheet analysis and presentation systematically and time efficiently, and able to develop a comprehensive, accurate, and easily accessed database of banking.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum graduate Strata-1 (S-2 is preferred) in Economics, Accounting, Economics of Management, Business Administration
  • 6 years of work experience
  • Fluent in English both oral and written
  • Has experience in strategy development, business and financial planning, performance management system.
  • Has experience in conducting banking / financial research
  • Enjoy number crunching, statistical testing, interpreting data and information, financial report analysis.
  • Avid user of presentation tools such as PowerPoint or Keynote
  • Closing date: December 31, 2020.
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