Lowongan CPNS BKKBN 2021: Formasi Lengkap CPNS BKKBN Tahun 2021

Logo BKKBNFamily planning organization started from the formation of the Family Planning Association on December 23, 1957 at the Indonesian Doctors Association building. The name of the association itself developed into the Indonesian Family Planning Association (PKBI) or the Indonesia Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). PKBI strives for the realization of prosperous families through 3 types of service efforts, namely regulating pregnancy or spacing pregnancies, treating infertility and providing marriage advice. In 1967, PKBI was recognized as a legal entity by the Ministry of Justice.
Law Number 52 of 2009 concerning Population Development and Family Development, which was passed on 29 October 2009, has implications for institutional changes, vision and mission of the BKKBN. The law mandates an institutional change for the BKKBN from the National Family Planning Coordinating Agency to the National Population and Family Planning Agency. BKKBN's vision is "Population Growing Balanced 2015" with the mission "realizing population-minded development and creating a happy and prosperous small family".
On July 1, 2019, President Joko Widodo appointed Dr. Hasto Wardoyo, Sp.OG (K) as Head of the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN).
Based on Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucracy Reform Decree Number 876 Year 2021 Dated April 29, 2021 regarding State Civil Aparatus Needs of 2021 in the National Population and Family Planning Agency with provisions as follows:
  • Total formation: 4.361 positions
  • Civil Servant Candidates: 315 Positions
  • Government Employee with a Work Agreement (PPPK): 4.046 Positions

Recruitment Schedule

  • Recruitment Announcement: May 30 to June 13, 2021
  • Registration: May 31 to June 21, 2021
  • Administrative Screening and Screening Result Announcement: June 1 - 30, 2021
  • Rebuttal Period (Masa Sanggah): July 1 - 11, 2021
  • CPNS Basic Competencies Test (SKD) Using CAT BKN: July to September 2021
  • PPPK Non Teacher Competencies Test Using CAT BKN: July to September 2021 (after the CPNS SKD is completed in each location)
  • PPPK Teacher Competencies Test using CBT Kemendikbud:
    • Test 1: August 2021
    • Test 2: October 2021
    • Test 3: December 2021
  • CPNS Field Competencies Test (SKB): September to October 2021
  • Final Announcement and Rebuttal Period: November 2021
  • CPNS NIP / PPPK ID Number Determination: December 2021

Formation Details



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