Lowongan CPNS KEMENKES 2021: Formasi Lengkap Lowongan CPNS Kementerian Kesehatan Tahun 2021

Logo KEMENKESThe Ministry of Health Republic Indonesia / Kementerian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia (Kemenkes RI) is the ministry within Indonesia government in charge of health affairs. The Ministry of Health is under and responsible to the President. The Ministry of Health is led by a Minister of Health (Menkes) who since December 23, 2020 has been held by Budi Gunadi Sadikin. The Ministry of Health has the task of organizing government affairs in the health sector to assist the President in administering the state.
In order to support the smooth duties and services implementation to the community, increase organizational capacity, and accelerate the national strategic goals achievement, it is deemed necessary to increase the number of State Civil Aparatus in the Ministry of Health, consisting of Candidates for Civil Servant Candidate (CPNS) and Government Employee with a Work Agreement (PPPK).
Details of the needs for State Civil Aparatus within the Ministry of Health are set at 4,197 personnel (four thousand one hundred ninety seven) consisting of 3,361 (three thousand three hundred sixty one) Health Officers, 638 (six hundred thirty eight) Technical Officers, and  of 198 (one hundred and ninety eight) Lecturers as listed in the attachment below.

Recruitment Schedule (Postponed)

  • Recruitment Announcement: May 30 to June 13, 2021
  • Registration: May 31 to June 21, 2021
  • Administrative Screening and Screening Result Announcement: June 1 - 30, 2021
  • Rebuttal Period (Masa Sanggah): July 1 - 11, 2021
  • CPNS Basic Competencies Test (SKD) Using CAT BKN: July to September 2021
  • PPPK Non Teacher Competencies Test Using CAT BKN: July to September 2021 (after the CPNS SKD is completed in each location)
  • PPPK Teacher Competencies Test using CBT Kemendikbud:
    • Test 1: August 2021
    • Test 2: October 2021
    • Test 3: December 2021
  • CPNS Field Competencies Test (SKB): September to October 2021
  • Final Announcement and Rebuttal Period: November 2021
  • CPNS NIP / PPPK ID Number Determination: December 2021

General Requirements

  • Minimum 18 years old and maximum 35 years old when applying. Except for certain positions, maximum 40 years old
  • Maximum age 40 years old for positions:
  • Doctor and Dentist, with Specialist degree
  • Clinical Educator
  • Lecturer, Researcher and Engineer, with Doctoral degree
  • Never been sentenced to imprisonment based on a court decision that has permanent legal force for committing a criminal act with imprisonment of 2 years or more
  • Never been honorably dismissed at his / her request or dishonorably dismissed as a Civil Servant, TNI / POLRI Personnel or Private Employee
  • Not a candidate of Civil Servant Candidate, Civil Servant, TNI / POLRI Personnel
  • Not a member or administrator of political party
  • Have educational qualifications according to the position requirements
  • Physically and mentally fit according to the requirements
  • Willing to be placed in all regions of Republic Indonesia
  • Meet other requirements according to the position needs

Formation Details

Formasi Lowongan CPNS Kementerian Kesehatan (KEMENKES) Tahun 2021



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