Lowongan CPNS Pemprov DKI Jakarta 2021: Formasi Lengkap CPNS Pemprov DKI Jakarta Tahun 2021

Logo Pemprov JakartaThe Special Capital Region of Jakarta (DKI Jakarta) is the national capital and the largest city in Indonesia. Jakarta is the only city in Indonesia that has provincial-level status. Jakarta is located on the northwest coast of Java Island. Jakarta has an area of ​​approximately 664.01 km² (ocean: 6,977.5 km²), with a population of 11,100,929 people (2020).
DKI Jakarta has a special status as a Special Capital Region at the provincial level and is headed by a governor. In contrast to other provinces, DKI Jakarta only has a division under it in the form of five administrative cities and one administrative district, namely: Central Jakarta Administrative City, West Jakarta Administrative City, South Jakarta Administrative City, East Jakarta Administrative City, North Jakarta Administrative City and Kepulauan Seribu Administrative District.
In order to support the smooth implementation of duties and services to the community, increase organizational capacity, and accelerate the national strategic goals achievement, it is deemed necessary to increase the number of State Civil Aparatus in the Provincial Government of Jakarta Special Capital Region, consisting of Civil Servant Candidate (CPNS) and Government Employee with a Work Agreement (PPPK).
Details of the need for State Civil Aparatus in the Jakarta Special Capital Region Province are set as 12,037 (twelve thousand thirty seven), with details of 11,482 (eleven thousand four hundred eighty-two) Teachers and 555 (five hundred and fifty-five) Technical Officers as listed in the attachment below.
The term of the work agreement for Government Employee with a Work Agreement (PPPK) as referred to above is minimum 1 (one) year and maximum 5 (five) years.

Recruitment Stage

  • Recruitment Announcement
  • Registration
  • Administrative Screening and Screening Result Announcement
  • Rebuttal Period (Masa Sanggah)
  • CPNS Basic Competencies Test (SKD) Using CAT BKN
  • PPPK Non Teacher Competencies Test Using CAT BKN (after the CPNS SKD is completed in each location)
  • PPPK Teacher Competencies Test using CBT Kemendikbud:
    • Test 1
    • Test 2
    • Test 3
  • CPNS Field Competencies Test (SKB)
  • Final Announcement and Rebuttal Period
  • CPNS NIP / PPPK ID Number Determination

Formation Summary


  • Government Employee with a Work Agreement (PPPK): 11.482 Positions

Technical Officer

  • Civil Servant Candidate (CPNS): 434 Positions
  • Government Employee with a Work Agreement (PPPK): 121 Positions

Total: 12.037 Positions

Formation Detail

Formasi Lengkap Lowongan CPNS Provinsi DKI Jakarta 2021



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