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We are a leading digital telecommunication company in Indonesia that continues to open up more opportunities and possibilities by enabling digital connectivity, digital platform, and digital services. Over the last 26 years of serving the nation, we have been consistently implementing the latest broadband technology, including 5G. Looking forward, we are now enriching innovative digital solutions including Mobile Gaming, Digital Entertainment, Digital Lifestyle, Mobile Financial Services, Enterprise Solutions, and the Internet of Things.
Our company is home to more than 5,400 employees that work together to make sure technology implementation fully benefits society. We are proud to serve more than 164 million customers nationwide and providing communication access to 95% of the country’s population, including those in the most inner, outermost, and least developed regions.
We are excited about the future. We aim to continuously deliver new digital technologies to connect and empower more people to create more opportunities both economically and socially. The challenge is big, but our desire to make a change is even bigger. If you are a change maker, this might be a place where we can make a story together.

Investment Budget Planning and Control for Portfolio Support

  • Jakarta

About The Investment Budget Planning and Control for Portfolio Support Role

We are looking for an Investment Budget Planning and Control for Portfolio Support to join Telkomsel team. You will be responsible for prepare reports on the use of the budget and the achievement of the Strategic Investment unit's performance, including documenting all business processes and documents generated from the Strategic Investment (SI) core business process.

What You’ll be In Charge of Investment Budget Planning and Control for Portfolio Support Role

  • Make a report on the use of the SI budget based on the approved RKAP in the monthly period.
  • Make reports on the achievement of IS unit performance based on the approved OKR in weekly, monthly, and quarterly periods.
  • Prepare reports on the achievement of the performance of subsidiaries based on the approved RKAP in weekly, monthly, and quarterly periods.
  • Documenting all business processes related to the role of IS and all company documents both produced by the IS unit and other units involved, such as: audit reports, whitepapers, governance, and corporate approvals related to corporate actions.

What You Will Need

  • Bachelor / Master Degree of Industrial Engineering, Industrial Management, or Business Management.
  • Minimum 1-2 years of experience in Administration & Enterprise budget Reporting, Corporate BOD, Business Portfolio Management.
  • Have skills in Enterprise Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting, Business Acumen, & Finance Acumen.

Back End Developer Role

  • Jakarta

About The Backend Developer Role

Telkomsel is seeking a Back-End Developer with outstanding programming skills and a passion for building innovative solutions for our users. As a Back-end Developer, you will be responsible for the server-side web application logic, as well as for the integration of the front-end part, as you oversee the design, development, and delivery of the products. This role requires a team player and excellent communicator, which able to work together with Front-end developers to design, develop and maintain our apps.

You’ll be In Charge as a Backend Developer Role

  • Coordinate projects related to the “Digital overlay” strategy.
  • Monitor costs, timescales, and resources used.
  • Translate and define system requirements from Business User Requirements into System / Software Requirements Specifications to suit the company's strategy and business objectives.
  • Design and develop IT solutions related to 3rd party channels (Sales & Care processes that do not go through the Telkomsel system / through indirect channels) to support user businesses in achieving the company's business targets in the retail customer segment.
  • Planning, designing, managing, executing, reporting, using test equipment and techniques that refer to applicable industry standards and regulations.
  • Line of unit and system testing activities in terms of acceptance tests and non-functional tests (soak tests, etc.).
  • Accompany and support the IT Quality Assurance unit in the release process caused by system changes.
  • Accompany and support the IT Product Enablement unit in carrying out product release activities to customers.
  • Assist and support the IT Service management unit in streamlining the automation process which is managed centrally.
  • Improve strategies to ensure performance measurement (including capacity) of IT services that have been developed to meet business and other service requirements or service level agreements that may exist.
  • Act as technical assistance for incident management and problem management that cannot be resolved in tier-1.
  • Initiating and executing application performance reviews, optimization / fine tuning, and housekeeping.
  • Record and execute standard changes.
  • Line and enable activity availability management
  • Internal IT oversight and ensuring adequate segregation of duties during solution development and maintenance

We’re Calling You Who Have

  • Bachelor Degree of Computer Science, Informatics Engineering
  • Have some Working Experience at internship / work experience in a Telco / IT company
  • Have experience in Backend and troubleshooting
  • Have good knowledge about Cloud and IT Infrastructure
  • Experience in Golang with at least 2 years active coding in production level or experience in PHP (Laravel / Lumen) with at least 2 years active coding in production level.
  • Strong knowledge of Go programming language, paradigms, constructs, and idioms.
  • Familiar with Linux environment,
  • Experience with RDBMS (eg: MySQL / PostgreSQL)
  • Experience with NoSQL (Redis / MongoDB), Queueing
  • Experience using event streaming (eg Kafka)
  • Familiar with CI / CD process
  • Knowledge / familiar delivering app in docker
  • Having knowledge / experience with unit test

Staff Network Master Plan

  • Jakarta

About The Staff Network Master Plan Role

We are looking for an experienced Staff Network Master Plan to join Telkomsel team. You will be responsible to provide strategic resource planning (RSP) for RAN, Core, and Transport Network technology for the long term (5 years), and Also responsible for Develop strategies, policies and guidelines for new strategic technologies

What You’ll be In Staff Network Master Plan Role

  • Create strategic resource planning (RSP) for RAN, Core, and Transport Network technology for the long term (5 years).
  • Conducting assessment, analysis and providing recommendations on new strategic technologies.
  • Develop strategies, policies and guidelines for new strategic technologies.
  • Prepare materials and conduct internal tenders for new strategic technologies ((RFI, RFP, Tender Scheme and mechanism etc.).
  • Prepare an external tender proposal to the government.
  • Conduct technical tenders for new strategic technologies.
  • Evaluate and analyze the implementation of the RSP.
  • Develop technology baseline, catalog and perform technology data mining analysis.
  • Analyze investment projections for new strategic technologies.
  • Develop a spectrum resource acquisition planning and strategy.

What You Will Need

  • Bachelor of Telecomunication Engineering or Informatics Engineering
  • 1-2 years of working experience
  • Advanced skills in Microsoft Office, especially PowerPoint and Excel
  • Knowledge in 4G and 5G (RAN, Core and transport) cellular technology, Cloud, Virtualization and edge computing
  • Knowledge of the frequency spectrum and its use
  • Proficiency in English, Developing effective presentation deck, communication skill.
  • Eager to develop new skills and area of expertise
  • Passion or understanding in Telecommunication or Digital industry, Digital strategy, strategic analysis, or technology trends is a plus
  • Systematic and logical approach to problem solving, pragmatic in working around problem
  • Strong execution, self-driven and can-do attitude
  • Good time-management skills, with adaptability to meet tight deadlines and balance simultaneous work streams
  • High curiosity and hunger for innovation

Data Engineer

  • Jakarta

About the Data Engineer Role

Data Engineer defined to responsible for handling data pipelines and designing data architecture. You will design architectures for data integration and processing to provide high quality datasets and utilize Big Data processing tools to build data pipelines on modern technology stack. To set the foundation for a complete data architecture, you will set up data management frameworks and help organizations to create their data governance.

You will in close collaboration with fellow Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Product Owner who are highly passionate to develop our products. We perform experimentations on periodic basis to improve the product using various advanced analytics techniques.


  • Develop and manage ETL processes (including all ETL-related automated jobs).
  • Develop and perform ingestion data from multiple sources to Hadoop and ODSS.
  • Ensure data completeness and timeliness.
  • Analyze data quality, cleansing, lineage, transformation, and feed data to other systems.
  • Manage data and aggregation processes (tier 1 and tier 2), including audit and reconciliation processes.
  • Perform Hadoop and set up data warehouse components (Flume, Yarn, etc).
  • Design and implement data streaming including complex event processing.
  • Applying physical layer security and audit validation, including data encryption and data masking.
  • Save all necessary reference data.
  • Develop and manage batch jobs for data engineering related areas.
  • Developed EDW data integration into Hadoop.


  • Bachelor / Master Degree on Computer Science or Informatics Engineering
  • Minimum 1-2 years as Data Engineer, Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer
  • Experience using Cloud technologies: AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.
  • Collaborating with various data-related roles in the organization to solve business use case, e.g., with Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Product Manager.
  • Experience of designing and developing data engineering systems from grounds up and maintaining / supporting existing systems
  • Experience in collect, process, collate structured and un-structured data including network element data both in real-time and batch process
  • Bachelor / Master Degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Engineering or other quantitatives fields
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Spark, Spark SQL, R, Python, Java and Scala
  • Excellent data query or manipulation skill using SQL.
  • Experience with open-source big data processing systems and infrastructure such as Spark, Hive, Kafka, Flink, NiFi, HBase, Phoenix, etc
  • Experience of creating productionised pipeline control (ex. Jenkins, CI / CD)
  • Experienced in using data visualization tools such as Tableau, PowerBI.
  • Experienced in using various database platform such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hive, Bigquery, etc.
  • Knowledge of data framework in Python such as Kedro, Airflow, MLFlow, etc is a plus.

Cloud Engineer

  • Jakarta

About The Cloud Engineer Role

We’re looking for Cloud Engineer to take the wheel in ensuring high availability of the system from an infrastructure and environment point of view. As Cloud Engineers, you will be responsible to determine architecture, infrastructure principles, and provide support for operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and ensure high availability of system environment. This role requires a strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills to releasing application from dev to production, including production environment.

You’ll be In Charge as a Cloud Engineer Role

  • Reviewing, translating and responding to business requirements specifications (BRS) to ensure alignment between stakeholder expectations and the current or future condition of the Cloud Solution
  • Conduct cloud readiness assessment and feasibility study on all applications listed in the IT Service Catalog
  • Develop Cloud implementation design for all Cloud-ready applications; including low level design and inter-application integration plans.
  • Develop a Cloud release plan strategy to be implemented in accordance with company targets
  • Planning to predict and ensure sufficient cloud capacity for effective IT investments

We’re Calling You Who Have

  • Bachelor Degree in Informatics Engineering, or Computer Science
  • Experience in setup and managing CI / CD pipeline and its tools (gitlab, jenkins, ansible, teraform)
  • Fluent in English, Preferable if you have internship / work experience in Telco / IT companies
  • Have good knowledge about Cloud and IT Infrastructure
  • Have work experience in IT function
  • Experience in Database management, On Premise and Cloud
  • Experience on scripting languages for automation tools (shell script, python, etc)
  • Experience working on releasing application from dev to production, including production environment
  • Experience on monitoring production envirnoment as well as set measurement metrics for performance and availability of the system / service
  • Experience in IT Operation
  • Working also in on-premise infrastructure (physical Datacenter, managing VM, baremetal)
  • Previously working in agile development environment.
Should you are interested with these positions and meet the qualifications required, kindly apply to links below.
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