Wijaya Karya Rekayasa Konstruksi Jobs: Employee Recruitment

WIKA Rekayasa Konstruksi LogoPT Wijaya Karya Rekayasa Konstruksi (WIKA Rekayasa Konstruksi) is a subsidiary of WIKA, resulted from the acquisition of shares of PT Catur Insan Pertiwi on November 2008. WIKA Rekayasa Konstruksi specializes in the installation of mechanical electrical industrial and power plant projects. With WIKA Rekayasa Konstruksi, WIKA’s experience in civil construction becomes fully equipped for undertaking EPC projects, industrial projects, oil and gas as well as power plant projects through the Department of Utility and Department of Energy.
Recently, Wijaya Karya Rekayasa Konstruksi has been entering into one of the respectable Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies in Indonesia and Southeast Asia regions.Recently, Wijaya Karya Rekayasa Konstruksi has been entering into one of the respectable Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies in Indonesia and Southeast Asia regions.
In anticipating the operation of the power plants that are part of the 35,000 MW program, owned by both PLN and Independent Power Producer (IPP), as well as the growth of investment in the fields of industry, oil & gas and mining, WIKA Rekayasa Konstruksi which has been quite active in providing labor supply for industrial maintenance needs, is also developing its business toward the Operation and Maintenance ofr industries and power generation.
The synergy of the Company’s marketing and procurement and the additional experience of large and complex project management, will further accelerate the growth of WIKA Rekayasa Konstruksi in achieving its mission to become a pioneer in the development of engineering and mechanical and electrical construction services, and provide the operation and maintenance services. All of these services take into account the aspects of competitiveness, security, quality, timeliness and the environment.
In addition to WIKA Rekayasa Konstruksi’s projects within WIKA, it also undertakes projects outside of WIKA, from repeat customers as well as new customers, which continue to be developed. Projects being carried out by WIKA Rekayasa Konstruksi in 2009 include: Batakan Diessel Engine Power Plant, Bontang Diessel Engine Power Plant, Chipper mill and Medco Merauke Diesel Engine Power Plant, KCM Conveyor, Indominco Conveyor, and Asam-asam Conveyor, Indocement Grinding Mill, Mechanical Installation at the SPV 4 expansion (South Pacific Viscouse), one of the largest rayon factory in Indonesia. While in 2010, WIKA Insan Pertiwi aims to carry out several Coal Fired Power Plant and Biomass, Diesel Engine Power Plant, tank farm, palm oil mill, oil and gas pipeline, aviation fuel supply system pipeline and mechanical electrical of mining industrial projects.
Career opportunities.
Let's work to build the Nation with WIKA Rekon.
Below are the majors needed by the company and ready to be deployed to each line or work work of WIKA Rekon.
Diploma 3 graduate / Bachelor degree with educational background in:
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Physics Engineering (Instrumentation)
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Accounting


  • Minimum GPA 2.75 for state university graduate or 3.00 for private university graduate
  • Maximum age 28 years old for fresh graduate and 35 years old for experienced candidate
  • Willing to be placed in all WIKA Rekon business areas
  • Have good medical record, not color blindness partial or total
  • The last selection process is August 23, 2019
  • Confirmation who pass the selection is sent via e-mail
Registration form can be accessed via the link below.