Honda Prospect Motor Jobs: Material Control Staff | Inventory and PPE Staff

Honda Prospect MotorPT Honda Prospect Motor is a Sole Agent Trademark Holder (ATPM) as well as the center of the Honda automobile assembly and its components in Indonesia. Headquartered in Jl. Gaya Motor I (Sunter II) North Jakarta, and a factory in Jl. Mitra Utara II Mitrakarawang Industrial Estate, West Java.
PT Honda Prospect Motor become one of the companies that considerable influence on the Indonesia automotive industry.
Right on January 15, 2014, PT Honda Prospect Motor inaugurated the second plant well as the launch of new models Honda Mobilio, thus PT Honda Prospect Motor will increase the 'market share in Indonesian automotive industry.
To realize these goals, then we open up career opportunity for you to join the big family of HPM and make a significant contribution to our common development. Enroll yourself in accordance with the position of interest and follow our selection process. Good luck and see you in the world of work which full of challenges and opportunities.

Material Control Staff

Calculate the budget for material cost, mainly imported parts that consist of free on board (FOB) and landed cost also analyze the variance between the budget and the actual amount of imported parts. 

Specific Qualifications

  • Proficient in cost accounting
  • Understand about Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards
  • Attention to detail
  • Able to work quickly and thoroughly
  • Strong analytical thinking
  • Communicative, could make and deliver presentations
  • Proficient in English (both oral & written) 

Inventory and PPE Staff

Calculate the cost of Completely Knock Down (CKD) parts and allocate the expense to provide equipment / tools to support all activities within the company. 

Specific Qualifications

  • Attention to detail
  • Strong analytical thinking
  • Communicative, could make and deliver presentations

The Main Roles of Staff Level

  • To improve work processes, manage working time and resources effectively, identify potential problems and find solutions, and improve self-competence.

General Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Accounting, minimum GPA is 3.0 (scale 4.0)
  • The maximum age is 27
  • Proficient in English (both oral & written)
  • Must have valid TOEFL certification with a minimum score of 400
  • Proficient in MS Office
  • Certificate of Good Conduct: Indonesian Police Certificates (SKCK)
  • Have Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
  • Understand about ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001
  • Willing to be placed in Karawang, West Java
  • Closing date: 3 February 2021
Should you are interested with the positions and meet the qualifications required, please apply to link below.



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