Astra Honda Motor Jobs: IT Analyst

Logo AHMPT Astra Honda Motor is the largest motorcycle manufacturing & distribution company in Indonesia, with more than 20,000 employees. In accordance with the company's vision, PT. Astra Honda Motor always strives to provide the best mobility solutions that can meet consumer needs with a world-class management system.
For that we need the best human resources who are creative, innovative, competitive and ready to join in achieving these goals. In human resource management, PT. Astra Honda Motor has a professional HR management system with the principles of Internally Fair and Externally Competitive accompanied by HR development through training and other development programs as well as clear career paths in line with the growing motorcycle business.
Everyone at PT Astra Honda Motor is rewarded according to their achievements and potential, if you are a person who meets the desired qualifications, we look forward to welcoming you to join PT. Astra Honda Motor.
Facing the increasingly tight challenges of the motorcycle market in Indonesia, PT. Astra Honda Motor requires creative, competitive and innovative human resources. For this reason, PT. Astra Honda Motor opens career opportunities in world-class manufacturing companies with career systems that are Internally Fair and Externally Competitive.

IT Analyst - Sunter

Develop knowledge and create solution through programming at PT Astra Honda Motor.

General Job Description

  • Develop enterprise-scale application system in AHM, and maintain its integration by referring to the predetermined system development method (SDLC).
  • Coordinate between AHM IT division and the Business Development Function, Process Owner and User in implementing the application system, including setting system implementation target and conducting continuous evaluation.


  • Has graduated / final semester student of Undergraduate program (S1) majoring in Informatics Engineering / Information Systems / Electrical Engineering / Computer Engineering / Information Management
  • Minimum GPA 3.00
  • Maximum age 27 years old
  • Have basic knowledge for system design, software engineering, database technology
  • Understand Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Closing date: March 31, 2021
Should you are interested with the position and meet the qualifications required, please apply to link below.
Recruitment processs is free of charge. Beware of recruitment scam.
PS: Translated from Bahasa Indonesia.



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