Astra International - Toyota Jobs: Marketing Communication Specialist

Logo AstraAstra International-Toyota JobsPT Astra International Tbk - Toyota Sales Operation (AUTO2000) is a Toyota sales service, maintenance, repair and spare parts supply network which the management fully handled by PT Astra International Tbk. AUTO2000 established in 1975 under the name Astra Motor Sales, and changed its name to AUTO2000 in 1989.
Currently AUTO2000 is the largest Toyota main dealer in Indonesia, which controls between 70-80% of Toyota total sales. In business activities, AUTO2000 associated with PT Toyota Astra Motor, the Toyota sole agent (ATPM). AUTO2000 is a Toyota authorized dealer alongside 4 other authorized Toyota dealers.
AUTO2000 has branches spread all over Indonesia (except Sulawesi, Maluku, Irian Jaya, Jambi, Riau, Bengkulu, Central Java and Yogyakarta).
Besides the AUTO2000 branches totaling 91 branch outlets, AUTO2000 also has dealers throughout Indonesia (called indirect), the total amount to 87 dealer outlets. Thus, there are 178 branches representing AUTO2000 sales throughout Indonesia. 77 Workshop owned AUTO2000 is the largest and most comprehensive workshops network in Southeast Asia. Besides, it AUTO2000 also has 596 Partshop which guarantees the authenticity of Toyota products spare parts.
We're hiring!.

Marketing Communication Specialist


  • Bachelor Degree in Marketing Communication (or equivalent are most welcomed)
  • Excellent at copywriting (writing skill), creating good content (have competencies: graphic design, animation, typhography, video creation)
  • Understand about CMS (Content Management System) such as Wordpress, etc
  • Creative, Marketing Strategy and Digital Media Oriented
  • Having a good knowledge in Digital Marketing Concepts and tools (Search Engine Optimization, Optimizing GMB, Google and Social Media Ads)
  • Understand strategic communication and directing social media campaigns, also monitoring quality and performance checking in all social media platform
  • Plus point if have good networking with digital agency and social influencer


In the registration form you will be asked to upload curriculum vitae with the following conditions:

  • The document format must be in .pdf
  • Maximum file size 1 MB
  • Number of documents maximum 1 file
Should you are interested with the position and meet the qualifications required please apply to link below.
Valid to June 15th, 2021.
Only the best shortlisted candidates will be contacted and this recruitment is free of charge.



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