Astra International Jobs: Human Capital Trainee | Audit and Risk Trainee

Astra LogoPT Astra International Tbk was first established in 1957 as a small trading company in Jakarta. After 58 years in operation, we have developed into one of the largest national conglomerate which supported by 227,099 employees working in 191 subsidiaries, associated companies, and jointly-controlled entities. Dedication in maintaining professionalism and implementing Catur Dharma as our core value have provided a lot of  opportunities for Astra to serve various aspects of daily life in Indonesia through its six business lines, which are  Automotives, Financial Services, Heavy Equipment and Mining, Agribusiness, Infrastructure and Logistics, and Information Technology. Moreover, it also makes us to be trusted in cooperating and having partnerships with leading international companies.
Our initiatives are dedicated to bring success for all stakeholders, give positive impacts toward the environment and surrounding communities, and promote the pride of Indonesia. By upholding the spirit of togetherness and synergies of all companies within the group, Astra aims to be the pride of the nation. In 2013, Astra has been awarded by FinanceAsia as Asia’s Best Managed Company. We demonstrate our social spirit to the surrounding communities through various Corporate Social Responsibities (CSR) activities.  Aligned with our mission, which is to prosper with the nation, under the flagship of SATU Indonesia (Semangat Astra Terpadu Untuk Indonesia), Astra encourage its corporate citizen to share and bring real impacts to others.
Astra considers Human Capital (HC) as the company’s most important asset and the main determining factor to its success or failure in realizing the business’ operational targets and development plans. Astra maintains mutually beneficial working relationships for the long-term which are proactive and preventive, thereby fostering ties and a sense of togetherness between employees and the Company to grow and prosper continuously.
In 2015, Astra continues to develop as one of the largest companies in Indonesia, made up of 198 subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates and supported by 221,046 employees. The strong dynamics of sustainable business growth essentially requires Astra to constantly emphasize HC’s role and development as an integral part of the key priorities in business strategy.
Currently PT. Astra International Tbk is looking for:

Human Capital Trainee

Human Capital Trainee is an extensive development program that will give you opportunities to be a great HC Professional. During the 12 months program you will be exposed to different HC roles in different type of business with both of in class training and on the job training . 

As an HC Officer you will be responsible in the area of People Evaluation, Recruitment, People Development and HC System to optimize the Organization's Effectiveness. You will also have the opportunity to involve in Labour Management. To become a great HC Trainee, you must have an excellent interpersonal skill and passion in Human Capital, not only to interact with people in the organization, but also to develop them.


  • Bachelor Degree from All Economics, Psychology, Law, Industrial Engineering, Communications and Business Administration
  • Fresh graduate or maximum 2 years of experience
  • Passionate in Human Resource
  • Good analytical thinking and interpersonal skill
  • Proactive and eager to learn
  • Actively involved in campus organization activities 

Audit and Risk Trainee

Audit Trainee is an extensive development program in auditing field which certified by audit competencies that in line with the objective of Internal Audit Astra Group (operational audit, financial audit and IT audit). You will be develop to become a credible Auditor through variety program in class training and on the job training within 12 months (basic Astra values and business process, basic finance, accounting and tax basic auditing, general IT Auditor and various soft skill training). 


  • Bachelor Degree from Accounting, Finance, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science / IT
  • Fresh graduate or maximum 2 years of experience
  • Proficient in English both written and speaking
  • Good analytical thinking and interpersonal skill
  • Proactive and eager to learn
  • Actively involve in campus organization activities.
  • Willing to travel around Indonesia (with high frequency)
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