Bank Muamalat Jobs: Customer Service Development Program | Mulia Teller

Bank MuamalatBank Muamalat as pioneer of islamic banking has always been committed in bringing competitive and easily accessible islamic banking services for people.
Today Bank Muamalat provides services to approximately 4.3 million customers through 457 service offices in all 34 provinces in Indonesia and supported by a network of service outlets in over 3,700 System Online Payment Point (SOPP) at PT POS Indonesia and 1,958 Automated Teller Machine (ATM ). Customer accessibility is greatly improved through our Shar-E Gold debit card that are accepted for purchase transactions, free of charge, at million of merchants in of the world.

Unilever Indonesia Jobs: Market Insights | Assistant Brand Manager Marketing

Unilever Indonesia LogoUnilever is a global Fast-Moving Consumer Goods company in the UK and Ireland.  We are already on target to achieve our huge ambition to double the size of our business globally whilst reducing our environmental impact. We are growing our business and also doing what is right for our consumers, community and environment.  We are developing brands for people’s lives today and for the changing environment tomorrow - making sustainable living commonplace.

Lion Air Group Jobs: Staff HR Assessment

Lion Air LogoLion Air is a subsidiary of PT. Langit Esa Oktagon (PT. LEO Group) which is part of the wider Lion Group. As a leading domestic airline and disciplined low-cost carrier, we offer flights to value-conscious customers who focus on price, frequency of flights, and an expansive route network across Indonesia.
Since our first flight in 2000, Lion Air has grown rapidly to become Indonesia’s preferred domestic airline. In 2018, we carried 36.8 million passengers – nearly 35% of all air travelers in the country – to the islands, cities and communities of the archipelago. Our business is also uniquely structured for growth as the only local carrier of air cargo between Indonesian destinations.

Aerotrans Services Indonesia Jobs: Service Advisor

Aerotrans LogoEstablished with commitment to deliver a perfect quality of service, PT Aerotrans Services Indonesia is a well known by Aerotrans as its Brand. Aerotrans started its journey in 1988 under name PT Mandira Erajasa Wahana (MEW) as Aerowisata business unit. Mandiri Erajasa Wahana (MEW) provides services on tourism industry and corporate transportation business purposes and also as one of supporting of Garuda Indonesia the national airlines of Indonesia. In responding to the complexities and challenges of transportation industry while addresing the needs and expectation of the customer, Aerotrans present to provide transportation service by providing more than 1500 fleets including buses (big, medium, mini, and micro), numerous four-wheeled commercial vehicle (van, boxed and pick up), ground support vehicle for aviation (hi-lift truck, low deck buses) as well as rented vehicle (sedan).

ASDP Indonesia Ferry Jobs: Oilman | Seaman | Cook

ASDP LogoASDP was established as the provider of river and lake transportation and ferry transportation by Proyek ASDP and Ferry (PASDF).
Based on the Amendment of the Company Articles of Association, article 3, and Notarial Act No. 24 dated August 8, 2008 prepared and presented before Johny Dwikora Aron, SH Notary in Jakarta, the purposes and objectives of the Company is to conduct business in port service, river, lake, and sea transportation service , as well as to optimize the resources of the Company to generate high-quality and competitive goods and/or services in order to gain profit. In actualizing the purposes and objectives, the Company conduct business activities as follows: