Kementerian Hukum dan HAM (Kemenkumham) Jobs: CPNS and PPPK Recruitment Formation 2023

Logo KemenkumhamThe Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia (abbreviated as Kemenkumham RI) is a ministry in the Indonesian Government in charge of legal affairs and human rights. The Ministry of Law and Human Rights is under and responsible to the President. The Ministry of Law and Human Rights is led by a Minister who since 27 October 2014 has been held by Yasonna Laoly. The Ministry of Law and Human Rights has changed its name several times, namely: "Department of Justice" (1945-1999), "Department of Law and Legislation" (1999-2001), "Department of Justice and Human Rights" (2001-2004), "Department of Law and Human Rights" (2004-2009), and "Ministry of Law and Human Rights" (2009-present).

ASDP Indonesia Ferry Jobs: Ferizy Business & Relationship Optimization Analyst | Commercial and Service Specialist

Logo BUMNASDP LogoASDP was established as the provider of river and lake transportation and ferry transportation by Proyek ASDP and Ferry (PASDF).
Based on the Amendment of the Company Articles of Association, article 3, and Notarial Act No. 24 dated August 8, 2008 prepared and presented before Johny Dwikora Aron, SH Notary in Jakarta, the purposes and objectives of the Company is to conduct business in port service, river, lake, and sea transportation service , as well as to optimize the resources of the Company to generate high-quality and competitive goods and/or services in order to gain profit. In actualizing the purposes and objectives, the Company conduct business activities as follows: