Mahkamah Agung (MA) Jobs: Civil Servant (CPNS) Recruitment 2023

Logo Mahkamah AgungThe Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia (Indonesian: Mahkamah Agung Republik Indonesia) is the independent judicial arm of the state. It maintains a system of courts and sits above the other courts and is the final court of appeal. It can also re-examine cases if new evidence emerges.
The Supreme Court is independent as of the third amendment to the Constitution of Indonesia. The Supreme Court has oversight over the high courts (Pengadilan Tinggi) and district courts (Pengadilan Negeri). There are about 68 high courts: 31 General Courts, 29 Religious Courts, 4 Administrative Courts and 4 Military Courts. There are around 250 district courts with additional district courts being created from time to time. The Supreme Court is the final court of appeal (kasasi) following appeals from the district courts to the high courts. The Supreme Court can also re-examine cases if sufficient new evidence is found.

Kejaksaan Republik Indonesia Jobs: Civil Servant Recruitment 2023

Logo Kejaksaan RIThe Attorney General's Office of the Republic of Indonesia is a state institution that exercises state power, particularly in the field of prosecution. As an agency authorized to uphold law and justice, the Attorney General's Office is led by the Attorney General who is elected by and is responsible to the President. The Attorney General's Office, High Attorney's Office, and District Attorney are the powers of the state, especially in the field of prosecution, where all of them form a unified whole that cannot be separated.

Provincial Governments Jobs: State Civil Apparatus Recruitment Formation 2023

Burung GarudaRegional Government in Indonesia is the organizer of regional government according to the principle of autonomy and assistance duties with the principle of the widest possible autonomy within the system and principles of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia as intended in the 1945 Constitution. Regional government is the Governor, Regent or Mayor, and Apparatus. Regions as elements of regional government administration.
The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia is divided into provincial regions. The provincial area is further divided into district and city areas. Every province, district and city region has a regional government which is regulated by law.

Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) Jobs: Educational Qualification for PPPK Health Functional Positions

Logo KEMENKESThe Ministry of Health Republic Indonesia / Kementerian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia (Kemenkes RI) is the ministry within Indonesia government in charge of health affairs. The Ministry of Health is under and responsible to the President. The Ministry of Health is led by a Minister of Health (Menkes) who since December 23, 2020 has been held by Budi Gunadi Sadikin. The Ministry of Health has the task of organizing government affairs in the health sector to assist the President in administering the state.

State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Jobs: CPNS Recruitment Formation 2023

Logo BINThe State Intelligence Agency (BIN) is one of the non-ministerial government agency in Indonesia that carries out government tasks in the intelligence sector. The formation of BIN is a mandate from Law Number 17 of 2011 concerning State Intelligence.
The position of BIN is under and directly responsible to the president. In its history, this institution has changed its name several times, starting from the Indonesian State Secret Service (Brani), Intelligence Coordinating Agency (BKI), Central Intelligence Agency (BPI), State Intelligence Command (KIN), State Intelligence Coordinating Agency (Bakin), to BIN.

Pemerintah Provinsi Aceh Jobs: ASN Recruitment Formation 2023

Logo Pemprov AcehThe Aceh region, which is located in the westernmost part of the Nusantara archipelago, occupies a strategic position as a gateway for trade and cultural traffic that has connected East and West for centuries.
Geographically, Aceh Province is located at 20 – 60 North Latitude and 950 – 980 East Longitude. Borders (sea) with India, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia. To the east, Aceh Province borders North Sumatra Province by sea and land. The area of Aceh Province is 57,365.57 km2.