Bank Mandiri Taspen Jobs: General Finance Administrator

Bank Mandiri Taspen JobsThe change of Bank Sinar Harapan Bali name to be Bank Mandiri Taspen Pos (Bank Mantap) is not just a name change, but affirming our service commitment to the public and our stakeholders as well as to all Indonesian people. The name change also followed by a renewed commitment to improve performance and provide meaningful benefits to all Bank Mantap stakeholders. Bank Mandiri Taspen Pos continues to grow and consistently takes its first steps toward achieving the vision and mission as part of the financial industry which is scattered in serving nationwide customers.
Bank Mantap track record with stakes by 3 State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) with specialized competence at each business, PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk, PT TASPEN (Persero) and PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) will give momentum of sustained growth for the Bank.

Citilink Indonesia Jobs: Experienced Flight Attendant Airbus A320 | IT Engineer Intern

Citilink LogoCitilink Indonesia has become the fastest growing airline in Indonesia since 2011 at the time when it took the first Airbus A320 aircraft and accelerated growth as part of Garuda Group’s effort to compete aggressively on the budget traveler segment.
PT Citilink Indonesia is a subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia which based on the Natakusumah Notarial Deed No. 01 dated January 6th, 2009 in Sidoarjo, East Java. The deed of establishment was approved by Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkunham) under approval letter No. AHU-14555.AH.01.01 year 2009 dated April 22nd, 2009. Citilink Indonesia's shareholder at the time of its establishment was 67% PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. ("Garuda") and 33% PT Aerowisata ("Aerowisata").

Nindya Beton Jobs: 4 Positions

Nindya Beton LogoPT Nindya Beton is a subsidiary of PT Nindya Karya and PT Perusahaan Pengelola Aset which was established based on Notarial Deed, Khairina, SH in Jakarta, No. 33, dated 19 February 2013, which was ratified by the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number: AHU-10206.AH.01.01 dated 4 March 2013, Deed of Amendment: No. 21 dated October 11, 2021.
PT Nindya Beton is a company that runs businesses in the fields of precast concrete, readymix, construction service and other related businesses.

Virama Karya Jobs: 23 Positions

Virama Karya LogoPT Virama Karya (Persero) is a consulting company specializing in engineering services and management in the field of road and bridge transportation and other civil engineering fields. At first, this company was a Dutch private company named NV. Architecten Ingenieurs Bureau Fermon Cuypers which was founded in 1961. The company was nationalized through government regulation (PP) No. 56/1961, and operates under the guidance of the Ministry of Electricity and Public Works. Then in 1970, it became a Persero PT Virama Karya based on PP No. 38/1970, with guidance from the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Finance. From 1971 until now many works have been entrusted to PT Virama Karya, both for spatial planning, mapping, road and bridge as well as dam and irrigation work.

Bank BCA Syariah Jobs: Budget Planner and Controller

BCA Syariah LogoBCA Syariah is present in the community to meet customer needs for reliable and trusted sharia banking products and services
PT. Bank BCA Syariah ("BCA Syariah") was established and started to carry out business activities with sharia principles after obtaining a sharia operating license from Bank Indonesia based on BI Governor Decree No. 12/13/KEP.GBI/DpG/2010 dated 2 March 2009 and then officially operated as an Islamic bank on Monday 5 April 2010.
BCA Syariah plans to become a pioneer in the Indonesian sharia banking industry as a bank that excels in payment settlement, fundraising and financing for business and individual customers. People who want quality banking products and services supported by ease of access and speed of transactions are the targets of BCA Syariah.

Indika Energy Jobs: 4 Positions

Indika Energy LogoIndika Energy has grown into one of Indonesia’s leading diversified investment companies with a portfolio of business spanning from energy, logistics & infrastructure, minerals, green business and digital ventures.
As Indonesia’s leading diversified energy company, we bring together Energy Resources, Energy Services, Energy Infrastructure, and Diversified Portfolio into a complete value chain that provides energy solutions to meet national and global needs.
For decades, we have helped energize Indonesia’s economic growth and social development. We have lit up homes and schools, electrified small businesses and large industries, and provided jobs for thousands of Indonesians and a sense of community and purpose for countless more.