Pelita Air Service Jobs: 4 Positions

Pelita Air Service LogoPT Pelita Air Service, also referred to “Pelita Air” or “PAS” or “Company”, is a subsidiary of State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) PT Pertamina (Persero) engaged in the aviation service sector. The history of PT Pelita Air Service began when in 1963, PT Pertamina (Persero) established an air transportation service division named Pertamina Air Service with the purpose to support the national petroleum activities.
In 1970, Pertamina Air Service became an autonomous business entity in the form of Limited Liability Company (PT) under the name PT Pelita Air Service. The business activities of PAS are primarily serving the flight operations in Oil and Gas industry in Indonesia with the pattern of lease / charter as the main business.

Bank Mandiri Taspen Jobs: Mantap Associate | Control Unit Partner Staff

Bank Mandiri Taspen JobsThe change of Bank Sinar Harapan Bali name to be Bank Mandiri Taspen Pos (Bank Mantap) is not just a name change, but affirming our service commitment to the public and our stakeholders as well as to all Indonesian people. The name change also followed by a renewed commitment to improve performance and provide meaningful benefits to all Bank Mantap stakeholders. Bank Mandiri Taspen Pos continues to grow and consistently takes its first steps toward achieving the vision and mission as part of the financial industry which is scattered in serving nationwide customers.
Bank Mantap track record with stakes by 3 State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) with specialized competence at each business, PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk, PT TASPEN (Persero) and PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) will give momentum of sustained growth for the Bank.

Reska Multi Usaha (KAI Services) Jobs: Cleaning Officer at Height / Gondola

Reska Multi Usaha LogoStarting with the Dutch East Indies government's awareness of providing a train restaurant to fulfill food and drink during the journey, the train restaurant was formed in the 1930s. Until finally, during the PJKA era, when it was first established in 1971, it was one of the units at the Balai Besar PJKA with the name RESTORKA, which had an office on Jalan Stasiun Timur No. 6 Bandung. At the beginning of RESTORKA's establishment, it only served drinks in the form of "Ice Siripit", until 1972 in the PJKA Directors' Decree No. 4805/SK/72 dated 5 December 1972 following the launch of the Parahyangan Train, RESTORKA is a special unit in the PJKA organizational structure which provides its own platform for organizing or managing trains, at that time RESTORKA provided a food menu, one of which was legendary, "Fried Rice Parahyangan.”

Citilink Indonesia Jobs: Event and Sponsorship Intern

Citilink LogoCitilink Indonesia has become the fastest growing airline in Indonesia since 2011 at the time when it took the first Airbus A320 aircraft and accelerated growth as part of Garuda Group’s effort to compete aggressively on the budget traveler segment.
PT Citilink Indonesia is a subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia which based on the Natakusumah Notarial Deed No. 01 dated January 6th, 2009 in Sidoarjo, East Java. The deed of establishment was approved by Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkunham) under approval letter No. AHU-14555.AH.01.01 year 2009 dated April 22nd, 2009. Citilink Indonesia's shareholder at the time of its establishment was 67% PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. ("Garuda") and 33% PT Aerowisata ("Aerowisata").

Astra Infra Jobs: Finance Analyst | Corporate Planning Manager | Corporate Communications Analyst

Astra Infra LogoAstra Infra is an Astra business group that is an investor-operator in Indonesian Infrastructure and wholly owned by PT Astra International Tbk.
To reflect the development of its business portfolio, in 2018 Astra Infra organized its business lines into Toll Road and Non-Toll Road. PT Astra Tol Nusantara is the holding company for toll road businesses, while PT Astra Nusa Perdana is the holding company for Logistics Infrastructure businesses.

Astra Honda Motor Jobs: 6 Positions

Logo AHMPT Astra Honda Motor is the largest motorcycle manufacturing & distribution company in Indonesia, with more than 20,000 employees. In accordance with the company's vision, PT. Astra Honda Motor always strives to provide the best mobility solutions that can meet consumer needs with a world-class management system.
For that we need the best human resources who are creative, innovative, competitive and ready to join in achieving these goals. In human resource management, PT. Astra Honda Motor has a professional HR management system with the principles of Internally Fair and Externally Competitive accompanied by HR development through training and other development programs as well as clear career paths in line with the growing motorcycle business.
Everyone at PT Astra Honda Motor is rewarded according to their achievements and potential, if you are a person who meets the desired qualifications, we look forward to welcoming you to join PT. Astra Honda Motor.