Astra International - Toyota Jobs: 6 Positions

Logo AstraAstra International-Toyota JobsPT Astra International Tbk - Toyota Sales Operation (AUTO2000) is a Toyota sales service, maintenance, repair and spare parts supply network which the management fully handled by PT Astra International Tbk. AUTO2000 established in 1975 under the name Astra Motor Sales, and changed its name to AUTO2000 in 1989.

Astra Motor Jobs: Budget Officer

Astra Motor LogoAstra Motor is one of the business unit of PT. Astra International Tbk, which manages distribution, sales and after sales service for Honda Motorcycle as the main dealer in 12 regions and 164 direct outlets.
Astra International believes that in every person lies a great talent. The opportunity to continue to grow and develop through training and development is one of the most important factors in employee motivation. We provide hard skill trainings as well as soft skill to develop our employees. As soon as you join our team, you will be involved in comprehensive training curriculums developed by Astra Management Development Institute.

Kawan Lama Sejahtera Jobs: Operations Management Trainee

Logo Kawan LamaPT. Kawan Lama Sejahtera — Indonesia’s leading distribution company with the widest range of industrial equipment and machinery. Operates in more than 19 branches across the country. Over half of century providing only the best industrial solution by experienced sales engineer team to meet the demands of the industry.

Lowongan CPNS Kejaksaan 2021: Pengumuman Lengkap dan Perubahan Lowongan CPNS Kejaksaan RI Tahun 2021

Logo Kejaksaan RIThe Attorney's Office of the Republic Indonesia is a state institution that exercises state power, especially in the field of prosecution. As the body authorized in law enforcement and justice, the Attorney Office is led by an Attorney General who is elected by and responsible to the President. The Attorney General's Office, the High Attorney Office, and the State Attorney Office are the powers of the state, especially in the field of prosecution, where all constitute one unified and inseparable unit.